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"Breezy... Four fabulous voices delivering catchy songs. Floats along on a wave of silliness! The energetic performances are something to savor, and so are the harmonies. Finding four good singers isn't hard...finding four whose voices blend as well as the ones here, is. Kudos to the York for the all-female band!" - The New York Times


"Superb...Take your mother, your daughters, your nieces, your friends! Zesty and engaging...Directed with imagination and skill!"

- Woman Around Town


"Very entertaining...Full of life! The story of friendship, of secrets and the story of bonds that can never be broken. A fabulous fun time from beginning to end."

- Says Me, Says Mom


"Empowering! An honest, heartfelt look at surviving when the values you held dear are torn apart in favor of new ones. A flavorsome score of tunes that expertly shift in style with the times...Bubblegum pop and doo-wop give way to a more psychedelic sound, with smart, witty lyrics throughout. It's a message that should never be forgotten." - Theatermania


"Catchy and fun...will hit the audience like a bullseye! The cast is superb; these girls represent the best of New York!" - Times Square Chronicles


debuted in Off-Broadway during

The York Theatre Company's 47th Season

Cookin'! -

It’s the 1950’s. The beginning of rock ‘n’ roll. The racial barrier begins to crack.


Songs sung by “artists of color” like Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry, and Harry Belafonte make it to the top of the pop charts. Actor Sidney Poitier is cast as a leading man.


The Korean War is over. Husbands are returning home and the cold war has begun.


Ronald Reagan is a model for Lifebuoy Soap. Rock Hudson is on the cover of LIFE Magazine as “The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor.”


And women are getting antsy.


Smack dab in the middle of America, in Winnetka, Illinois, four women enter a Betty Crocker cooking contest in the hopes of changing their lives. What they get is much more than they bargained for.


Little did these women know that it would take a zoologist from Indiana University, Alfred C. Kinsey, to really get them cooking!


In an age that believed the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they discover that the way to a woman’s heart is through her best friends.


In this slice-of-life original musical comedy, we watch as these four womens’ weekly cooking club becomes a turning point in their lives.




with Samuel French

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